Celebrating the Dentist – CrossFit, Velvet Tango Room review

This post is a cheers to our friend, the dentist, which we shall toast in a little bit. I love going to happy hour with my girls after work but this week I dutifully tended to my CrossFit workout. If you haven’t heard of CrossFit, its definitely something to check out. Think of it kinda like P90X but more interactive, in a gym with trainers watching your form and keeping you honest. I used to work out at Bally’s and never learned one person’s name during the two+years I was there. I also was not a fan of the increasing number of people that would talk on their cell phone while I was trying to read the subtitles of Jeopardy. But with CrossFit, we are all doing the same WOD (workout of the day) at the same time and you feel like you kicked ass afterwards. I’ll be the first to admit it probably cost more than your gym now but as in most things in life, you get what you pay for, believe me.

Before CrossFit            After CrossFit


Afterwards, we (my man -Bizzle and me) visited our friend the Dentist at his new gig. See, the Dentist had quit his job that day to do what most of us wish we had the guts to do…start our own business. We toasted to him with some champagne (2006 Schramsberg Cremant which I would highly recommend!!) at his new office with Chubby, TummySticks and BobbyC then headed to the Velvet Tango Room. Definitely one of my favorite spots in Cleveland, the VTR as I call it is tucked away in Tremont and such a gem.

Service – Kinda slow but that’s probably their intent. The time to get served allows you to soak up the atmosphere and read through the history of the cocktails they offer.

Location – Not a place to barhop and a little tough to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for. But then again, you’re going there for the experience right?

Taste – Drinks are made from scratch. My drink of choice is the French 75 with brandy. Bizzle likes the Songbird and our friends had Old Fashioneds. If you order a Miller lite because you’re afraid to try something new, just turn around and go home please.

Cost – You better bring deep pockets ($15/drink – yikes!). Also, eat dinner beforehand because the drinks are strong and there’s only apps to soak it up.

Green Factor – I’m a fan that they make their own cocktail ingredients and offer local apps and chocolates.

Why visit/go back? No other place like it in Cleveland. VTR definitely captures the old Hollywood feel…there’s a black and white tv in the corner playing Rat Pack movies.  It’s definitely a bit of an older crowd so I don’t anticipate the W.6th crowd making it there for another decade at least.  I’ll definitely be heading back after our wallet recovers.

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2 Responses to Celebrating the Dentist – CrossFit, Velvet Tango Room review

  1. I’ve been dying to try Velvet Tango Room for about a year now (everybody seriously raves about the drinks) – I might be a few months early, but now I know what I want to do for my birthday! 🙂 Never too early to start planning! 😛

  2. I would highly recommend it. There is also a ‘backroom’, some call it the secret entrance, that I haven’t visited yet but my understanding is that you can make a reservation and its pretty fabulous.

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