New coach, new hope?

I’m a pretty faithful Browns fan but I am just a liiiiittle fatigued with another losing season. Yes I am aware of the hiring of Pat Shurmur but I’m not yet ready to offer my blind hope and unwavering optimism that we are on our way to turning around our beloved Brownies. I do think Coach Shurmur will improve our offensive scheme and groom Colt but I was hoping we could pull in an proven, experienced winner.

By the way, I need to find a job where I can be fired but still get paid by my former employer. Per Terry Pluto’s 01/16/11 PD column (whom I have the most respect for), the Browns will be doling $ to ex-staff in 2011 (I added their 2010 employer per Wiki):

  • Fred Phil Savage – 2010 player personnel consultant for the Philadelphia Eagles
  • Romeo Crennel – 2010 defensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs
  • Eric Mangini – just saw him on ESPN this week and he didn’t do too shabby
  • Rob Chudzinski – 2010 assistant head coach for the San Diego Chargers

Sunday picks

Game Seattle vs. Chicago (w/spread Chi -10) NY vs. NE (w/spread NE -9)
Me Chicago ….Chicago? NE NY
Bizzle Chicago Seattle Chicago NE NE
Comment Bizzle switched his pick after noting that Seattle doesn’t play well on the road. In order to beat Chicago, Hasselbeck will have to have another amazing game and that’s not too likely. I agree and think Hasselback’s game was an anomaly. Plus it’s in Chicago and it’s 22 degrees! Bizzle boldly predicts NE will beat the Jets by 2 TD’s. However, I think that we could have a game just as exciting as last night Steelers/Ravens.

Off to brunch at Southside with the beautiful KToth. Chicken and waffles anyone? It’s ok because I’m going to CrossFit tomorrow!

Bizzle is off measuring our closet so I can stop daydreaming about an organized, fantastic closet and Poppy is being adorable.

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