Weekend wrap-up – Jets win, Golden Globes, Rose Angel review


Jets 28, Pats 21

Can’t believe the Jets won. I only got to watch this game on Sunday and I’ve got to give it to Mark Sanchez (3TD’s, 0 interceptions) and the Jets special teams. The latter successfully recovered two New England on-side kicks late in the game to prevent a Patriots comeback. In the last two games, Sanchez has beaten arguably the two best quarterbacks in the league in back-to-back games (P.Manning, T.Brady).   I don’t think the win is a changing of the guards in the AFC East but boy will this division rivalry be fun to watch over the next few years. I’ll post our picks soon and would love to know your thoughts. And while I roll my eyes anytime I hear Rex Ryan open his mouth, I admit it! – he’s entertaining and proven he can win.

Braylon Edwards after the win“…for all the media and everybody else that was on the Patriots’ jock, take that.” Are you serious??

Which brings me to my ‘would you rather’ thought…

Still can’t believe the Jets won.


Golden Globes – Ricky Gervais was awesome. He must have thrown back some shots before those ‘oh my god did he really say that??’ zingers.  Love his humor, love his accent, love him.

Best dressed- Dianna Argon, Anne Hathway,  Leighton Meester – did I miss any??

Didn’t love it- Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tina FeyJanuary JonesHeidi Klum

Didn’t get it – Helena Bonham Carter


Had dinner at Rose Angel, a modern Mexican restaurant on the Detroit Shoreway with the Clarkies. We recapped New Years (it was one for the books) and discussed our upcoming skiing trip to Colorado over some tasty margaritas.

Service – Good, friendly, don’t take reservations. One thing I found peculiar was the serving of each taco on an individual plate. We were at a high-top table for 4 and didn’t have much room for our 8 plated tacos, margaritas, water and tableware. It would’ve worked if we had more room.

Location – On the corner of Detroit and W.58th, its right across the street from Happy Dog and will benefit from the foot traffic. I didn’t see a sign on their door so unless I missed it, they may want to consider putting one up.  Otherwise, it is perfectly situated within the increasingly popular Detroit Shoreway.

Taste – For starters, I highly recommend the guacamole and black bean and corn salsa – fresh, great flavor and the accompanying chips were the perfect partner with the appropriate saltiness factor. For the main meal, I played it a little safe with the chicken soft shell and hangar steak hard shell. I was ok with the meats but I would highlight the unexpected twist of chopped cabbage instead of the traditional lettuce. Bizzle and CC really enjoyed the crispy eggplant soft shell and I definitely had my eye on those.

Cost – Prices for the food are decent but I was a little surprised the price of a margarita pitcher  is $25.

Green Factor – Not aware.

Why visit/go back? I’m intrigued to return and try some other items on the menu. A member of the staff came by our table to let us know there was free salsa dancing lessons in the room next door. They cleared out a separate area of the restaurant and upon peeking in, I couldn’t help but smile at the room full of high energy and happy people. Very cool!

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6 Responses to Weekend wrap-up – Jets win, Golden Globes, Rose Angel review

  1. Edward Ringor says:

    Nice post. Great idea and great job.

  2. Megan Stroh says:

    Weekend Wrap Up….the title brings me back! Great posts!

  3. Rey says:

    Although I live in Dallas now, I still love Cleveland!

    In fact, I continue to bleed brown, orange, red, wine, gold, and blue on a daily basis.

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