5 stages of grief, NFL Conference Championship Picks

Which was worse – THESE uniforms or THIS season?

Just a couple more weeks left of football and then all will be left to watch are the Cleveland Lavaliers 😦 (no that was not a typo, I stole that nickname from Bizzle). Has anyone gone to a game at The Q this year? To be honest, the most exciting news I’ve heard is the addition of a new mascot, Sir C.C.

Anyway, the Lavaliers currently post an NBA worst 8-33 record (ouch!). They have lost 14 in a row with the last win dating back to Dec. 18th against the Knicks. But the baby is uglier than we thought because since Dec 2nd, the Lavaliers have only won 1 game in the last 24! ONE game? I’m sure you know someone who has gotten more speeding tickets since Dec 2nd than the Cavs have wins. Oh my, this reminds me of the early 2000’s when we had ugly uniforms and empty seats. With injuries ravaging our team (and a lack of heart I might add), not sure how/when things will ever get turned around. Clearly the players haven’t gotten over LeNerd so I concluded that we have to do a 5 stage grief analysis to try and assess where in this process they are. The 5 stages are:
1) Denial – nooo he diiddnnt!?!?
2) Anger – #@@# !!%$
3) Bargaining – Please LeBron, change your mind. We’re really sorry Delonte and your mom didnt work out.
4) Depression – Embarrassing 20, 30, 50+ losses in the last couple of games. This is where Mo, Andy, JJ and company are stuck.
5) Acceptance – i think Coach Scott is the only one to make it to the last stage.
Ummm…i think i’m still at stage 2.
Anywho, back to football. It’s been interesting how passionate people are about expressing their great dislike, or hate, towards either the Steerlers or Jets. I wish the regular season rule applied here in being that if they tie, neither of them win! Much love going out to Aaron Rodgers as evident in people’s picks below.
Game Green Bay at Chicago Point Spread (GB -3.5) NYJ at Pitt Point Spread (Pitt -3.5)
Weenah Green Bay Green Bay Pitt NYJ
Bizzle Green Bay Green Bay Pitt NYJ
El Che Green Bay Green Bay Pitt Pitt
A.J. Green Bay Green Bay NYJ NYJ
BP Green Bay Green Bay Pitt Pitt
Feel free to shoot me a note if you would like to be added – be sure to include your alias.
Have a great weekend everybody!
Tyrone Hill picture courtesy of life.com

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