Weekend Wrap-up – Light Bistro Review, EC Housewarming

Busy weekend! Didn’t get a lot accomplished around the house but got some much needed friend time in and I made it through my first week of blogging! Phew!

Light Bistro review

Before Friday dinner at Light Bistro, we stopped by the Clevelander to bid Regipop adieu as he heads to L.A.  😦 I was told that the Clevelander revamped their menu but I opted to save my appetite. Being there brought back old memories and I was happy to see our old stomping ground pretty packed! The happy hour and single scene were in full swing…except for us of course, we headed over to snowy Ohio City for a tapas dinner at Light:
Service – Our server was friendly, knowledgeable and patient as I contemplated the many enticing choices on their menu. I’ve never had poor service there and don’t ever expect I will!
Location – Situated in historic Ohio City neighborhood. Easy to get to but parking is a little tough sometimes. Never fear though, there was free valet (sorry! not sure if they offer it every night). The crowd attracts a diverse genre – artsy to preppy to progressive – probably hovering around late 30’s, 40’s.
Taste – Drink: My last visit to VTR has peaked my interest in classic cocktails so I ordered my first Sidecar – Cognac, orange liquer, and lemon juice. Wow it was strong and although I may not have another one anytime soon, I’m definitely happy I had one.

Food – Light Bistro offers many options but I typically stick with the traditional tapas and progressive American tapas. This time was no different. We started with:                                                                              1.Dates (bacon wrapped dates stuffed with almonds and valdeon cheese) – we get these everytime and they never disappoint! Very rich in flavor and a present for your mouth!                                                        2.Braised pork belly – My favorite dish! I ignored the images of the CrossFit gods (pull-ups and situps and box jumps oh my!) shaking their heads at me…it was worth it and I would do it again!                    3. Chicken leg confit/herbed leg and thigh/house made kimchi/peanuts – I wanted to love it but the chicken was a little dry. I did however enjoy the kimchi – flavorful and tasty.                                                      4. Then I moved onto the Mussels and Bizzle had a Salad. The mussels arrived in a larger bowl with an orange broth (bok bier and paprika-scallion butter per the menu) and topped with small frites. I probably should have followed Bizzle’s suit and gone with something a little lighter but I did enjoy the mussels. He  said the salad was “really good”  – greens with dried fruit, a fried ball of feta with a herb vinaigrette dressing.

Oh, and how could I forget the bread! Two types (french and parmesean!!!) served warm in a small, brown paper bag.

Roasted Mussels + Frites / Bok Bier / Paprika-Scallion Butter, $13

Salad w/ dried fruit and fried feta

Cost – The traditional tapas are smaller plates and so is the price (~$6) compared to their progressive counterparts ($13). Don’t forget about drinks which always add up. Pizza is also on the menu at a reasonable price and the main courses are in the mid $20 range. Given the care they take in creating dishes from organic and natural food, I think it’s worth it!

Green Factor – The bottom of the menu states in large print that they use local produce and organic ingredients. Love it! That’s one reason I would recommend this place, and they even offer organic wine.
Why visit/go back? – Free valet is always a plus. Also, last year they expanded their space and opened a retail wine store offering a large variety of wines housed in a beautiful display. I’ve always enjoyed my tapas dinners at Light and this time was no exception. Based on what I’ve had, I recommend it for a happy hour or date night!

Then EC’s Housewarming Party

I love these parties because you get to celebrate this huge milestone aaaaand see how the new homeowners design and decorate their new pad. EC and Zackattack were awesome hosts – lots of food, a keg of 312 and beer pong! Congrats on your new place, EC! One regret is not getting pics of the Hello Kitty room. It’s unbelievable and I wouldn’t do it any justice without pictures.


NFL Results

Conference championships were both competitive games til the end.
Packers win over Bears, 21-14. Jay Cutler produced a scoreless first half and did not return in the 2nd due to an injured knee. Chicago turned to their 3rd string quarterback, Caleb Hanie, to bring back the Bears within a touchdown. Wonder if Kristen Cavallari (yes they are dating…who would’ve thunk it?) will stick around since her man’s season is over and tweets are flying all over the place questioning his toughness. Packers looked great and I’m rooting for Mr. BMOC, Aaron Rodgers. He took some hard hits and I’m hoping he didn’t suffer a concussion.
Steelers 24-19. No comment.
Prediction results: Winners are El Che and BP
Shoutout to my breakfast girls, Ronnie and 321. So great catching up – I’ve missed you!
p.s. Good luck with the move Regipop!
p.p.s. Next up, StrEat Mobile Bistro review.
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