Weekend Wrap-up – Poppy Stirfry, Deagan’s Kitchen and Bar Review, Evie Lou Boutique

Goodbye January and Hello February! It is fa-fa-fareeezing so make sure you are bundling up and taking your vitamin C!  Before I continue with this post, first off I have to confess that damn, this blogging shite is really hard! (big sigh) It’s easy to write but it’s difficult to write well. So bear with me people, I’m trying.
This weekend we tried to really focuse on some QT with our dog, Poppy Stirfry. If we’ve met, then you’ve met Poppy or at the very least, then you know I’m pretty obsessed with my dog.  I cannot take credit for her awesome name (thanks Jerome!) but over time, she’s learned to heed to any of the following – Pop, Pop Pop, My Little Pop, Popsie Daisy, Poppity Pop Pop, ‘Pop Pop Goes the Weasel, the Weasel…’, Popsicle, Popsey, Hachi (its a movie – go see it!), Stirfry, Hoppy (we told you 4 times lady, its Poppy not Hoppy!), Honey Bunny and the list goes on…So with further ado, heeeeeeeere’s Popppppyyyy! I’ve posted a recent pic of the Pops that I think is too adorable not to share and also some hilarious shots from a photo shoot I won through a silent auction.

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So this weekend we took the Pops to:
a) Lakewood Dog Park. Poppy was the belle of the ball, making friends with dogs of all colors, sizes and age. There is not a dog that she doesn’t make friends with. Even with the aggressive ones, Poppy knows just how to read them so she rolls on her back, looks upside down at them like she’s saying, ‘ok i give up. let’s go and play!’. She’s Miss Congeniality in my book!  And yes, it was about 20 degrees outside this weekend and yes we did stand outside in this weather so we could watch our dog run around a fenced area. Call me crazy but I just eat this sh*t up. 🙂
Then we stopped at…
b) Pet People in Rocky River. About a week ago we tried new food but she refused to eat it. Poppy Stirfry stubbornly would not eat for 3 days!  We thought she was sick, got the flu, but no, apparently she doesn’t like potato-based food and has turned into a picky eater. Who does Poppy think she is!??! (the type of dog that’s fed organic food, goes to a day care twice a week, has a dog walker another two days. is treated like a grandchild by her owners’ parents and is included in family portraits!??!) Anywho, the people at the store were so very friendly and gave Poppy Stirfry many pets and treats. She even did a couple tricks for them and gave them a little handshake! Boy did she charm everyone at the store!! We’ll be sure to visit again.
On Saturday night, we met up with the Cokacola’s for some good conversation and food at Deagan’s. It’s been a while since we had seen our west side friends and so we picked the new Lakewood hot spot as a good central point.

Deagan’s Kitchen and Bar

Service – We got there around 8:30 and were told that we’d have a 90 minute to 2 hour wait. It was pretty packed but we really wanted to check this place out, so we grabbed some appetizers at the bar and only waited an actual 30 minutes before our table was ready. Cool thing Deagan’s does is text you when your table is ready. Who knows, maybe other restaurants do this too and I’m still using a Zach Morris cell phone. Maybe Bahama Breeze (jerk chicken pasta please!) and Olive Garden (fetuccini alfredo with mushrooms please!) should take note so that they can reduce the unnecessary buzzer expense from their operations.
Also, while we were ordering, the owner, Deagan himself (not sure if that’s his first or last name) stopped by the table and recommended us to try Bell’s Hops Slam. Thumbs up!
Location – In Lakewood at the corner of Detroit and Warren, the old spot of Crazy Rita’s. Not too far from Melt and if you do a Detroit pub crawl, definitely include this as a stop. Parking on the street may be hard to find but there’s a lot in the back. Deagan’s pulls a big West side crowd, probably late 20’s – 30’s. So if you went to school on the West side is the Best side, you are bound to run into old, familiar faces. So just be prepared in case you get trapped in a ‘hiiii….how are you? where do you live? where do you work? how are things? its so good to see you….we should get together (but its really not going to ever happen) conversation. cheers!
Taste – The small plates were the best plates. To make it a little more fun and play a little tribute to this Sunday’s SAG awards, I will liken the meals to movie stars.
Pomme frites – romano, truffle oil, sea salt, spicy mayo. I liken these frites to my #1, Leonardo DiCaprio, tasty and leaving you wanting for more! These were my favorite…over everything! Because I view fries as a true treat, I guess I’m pretty particular that they come out hot and fresh and these were perfect. They had the appropriate amount of salt, firmness (not soggy and not crunchy), and although I typically eat my fries with ketchup, I stuck with the spicy mayo til the end…it’s bad manners but I couldn’t help but lick my fingers.
Moroccan Meatballs – wagyu kobe beef, spanish olives, roasted tomatoes. The meatballs did it for me as much as Robert Pattinson; sorry Twihards, I’ll take him or leave, he doesn’t do it for me.  The combination of wagyu kobe beef, spanish olives, roasted tomatoes were overshadowed by the frites, just like Robert vs. Taylor Lautner. These were good but not my favorite. I didn’t pay much attention to these because I was probably too obsessed with the frites.
Amish chicken wings – soy chili jam, green onions. I analogize ordering the wings to Matt Damon. Always reliable. He nails it every time.  These were the fan favorite for the rest of my dinner pals. Per the Bizzle report, the wings were “delicious and tasty”.
I won’t spend too much time on the big plates but will mention that everyone liked their large portion meals. The only dish/movie star analogy I have are for the fried chicken waffles (like Jessica Simpson because she’s from the south, looks really good (or at least she used to!) but once she opens her mouth, you dont like her as much as you thought you would). However, the chicken waffles were a split decision between Bizzle and I.
Deagan’s offers a lengthy beer list but they were out of the first 3 beers that Bizzle ordered. Thank goodness they have a lot of choices.
Cost – Small plates are between $7 – $9 and Big Plates range from $10 – $22. So your meal will probably cost around $40ish, including a brewskie or two, when all is said and done.
Green Factor – Ok, so I don’t have proof of this but someone we ran into mentioned that the walls at Deagan’s are reclaimed wood from farms in southern Ohio. If true, gold star for you Deagan!
Why visit/go back? Great crowd and excellent food. Deagan’s opened in October 2010 and sustaining through the buzz. They just need to work through stocking their beer list so they can truly shine as a gastropub. I think this place will be around for a while, unlike our unfortunate friend Crazy Rita.

And finally, well almost…

Ok, so I’ve been wanting to give this clothing store it’s proper encomiums ever since I discovered this boutique a month ago. Located in Tremont, Ohio, Evie Lou is owned by Kim Crowe, the former style columnist at the Plain Dealer. I was driving by when the sign caught my eye and I decided to pop in. First words I thought upon walking in – Adorable! Fresh! Chic!
As you may also know by now, I embrace all things ‘green’ (fabulous if natural, fantabulous if organic!), including clothing, which Evie Lou includes in her collection. Eco-friendly or not, the clothes are great and Kim really took the time to pick out clothes that fit my body type. Can you hide this, disguise these, make me look taller!? I tried on a handful of outfits and picked up this little number in grey:

Dress by Stewart+Brown. I too posed like this when I wore this dress to EC's party.

So many cute choices but one of the things that made me pick this one is because its environmentally friendly. The knits come from annually renewable free-range resources and don’t use petro-chemecials in the processing of the materials. Interpretation: the designers are animal friendly and you don’t have to worry about the use of chemicals to dye or make your clothes. Honestly, if you have the choice between no-chemical clothing vs. clothing made in a place where recalls aren’t unusual, doesn’t treat their workers ethically and may have shady business practices, makes it a little easier to decide right?
The prices are reasonable (for a boutique) ;), maybe a little less expensive than Anthropologie. You are sure to find something that no one else has plus you are supporting a local business. Darling!
p.s. In other news, congrats Betty White for your SAG award “Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series Award” for your role Hot in Cleveland. Just call it ‘best comedy performance’.

p.p.s. So I was wrong about the Cavs pulling out a victory last weekend. Come on Lavaliers, Charlie Sheen has more benders in the last month than you have broken 100 points in a game! Fans want their chalupas!
p.p.p.s. And lastly but most importantly, stay tuned to the Egypt revolution. Truly fascinating. This is history in the making and I pray for a peaceful resolve. We are truly blessed.
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1 Response to Weekend Wrap-up – Poppy Stirfry, Deagan’s Kitchen and Bar Review, Evie Lou Boutique

  1. Anne says:

    Checked out Evie Lou after your recommendation and I loved it. Great clothes and accessories! She also had a nice little sale selection in the back room where I managed to pick up a couple new tops:)

    Great find, Roomie!

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