EcoWatch Green Gala


I’m very passionate about sustainability, green and organic products. There is research being conducted today about the chemicals around us and I think  there’s a lot we will learn in the next coming years about the the potential harm we are doing to the environment and how it affects our health. We are starting to learn the hazards of chemicals in our household products and cosmetics, that our water contains rocket fuel, and most recently the devastating effects of agent orange. We’ve learned that chemicals initially thought were safe (and researched) turned out to cause cancer, unfortunately at the expense of others. But there’s hope. And we have a choice. A choice to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, recycle and consider organic and natural products.
I’ve still got a lot to learn and be more conscious about my daily, personal habits and choices. And through my interest and passion about living ‘green’, I was provided the opportunity to serve on the Ecowatch Board of Directors.  This was my avenue to stay current on sustainability initiatives and help others understand how small changes they make at home can have a powerful impact.
EcoWatch is a non-profit organization whose mission is to:
  • serve as the voice for grassroots environmental organizations and activists working daily to better our planet
  • encourage individuals, businesses and governments to adopt sustainable lifestyles and business practices and policies
EcoWatch publishes a free, bimonthly newspaper with a current distribution of 80,000 printed copies, available at your public library, coffee shops and local cafes.
We are holding our annual fundraiser on Friday, April 8th. This year’s featured speaker is Philippe Cousteau (the handsome gentleman in the picture below). He is the grandson of famed diver, Captain Jacques Cousteau and an advocate of the planet and our most precious resource, water. Please let me know if you would like more information about the event, would like to attend or make a donation. For this event, we are also inviting high school students where they’ll have the opportunity meet Philippe at a pre-event. Click here for details on the event.

Philippe Cousteau Going Blue

The Green Gala committee recently convened to plan the event. We are putting our heads together to make this the most successful event yet!

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