Weekend Wrap-up (02.04.11 part 1) – Rosebud’s baby shower

Hello fellow Clevelanders! No wasting time because I’ve gots to pack for Colorado so let’s just dive right into it.
Gosh, that original message above is from a week ago. I started this post last week before I went to Colorado this past weekend and now I am back in Cle. So I’ll just go with it.

Rosebud’s Baby Shower

We celebrated Matt and Rosebud’s little bundle of joy due this summer at a baby shower thrown by M.B. and Mrs. Dentist in Akron. It was a classy and intimate gathering with a lot of wine and great food – Martha Stewart would have been so proud! 🙂 There was so much joy and love in the air, maybe it was everyone’s inner hippy coming out.
Reflecting on the evening, I knew each woman before the baby shower, some just as acquaintances, some as good friends…this was one of the few parties I left feeling closer to each one of them and very fortunate to have been part of such a happy and special celebration.
There is something to be said about intimate dinner parties. It gives people a chance to converse and connect. I’m not great in these situations but have found that when I’m open and have a positive attitude, things always turn out better than I anticipated and I come away with new friends.
I can’t end this post without a big hug to my new found friend, Non-Plain-Jane. Are you secretly a comedian, a playwright, a thespian? You go girl! Apparently that term is so 90’s and overused (thanks Biz).
Thanks M.B. for having everyone over! Can you please teach me how to excel at work, be an awesome mom and keep your house so clean amongst everything else you do!?






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2 Responses to Weekend Wrap-up (02.04.11 part 1) – Rosebud’s baby shower

  1. CC says:

    the little blue outfit came from a crafty local mom and you can find all of her darling goods at: http://www.bellaburps.blogspot.com

  2. Rosie says:

    Thanks so much for posting the pix, Weenah! And your cute bloggings. Thanks again to everyone for coming! I heart my friends and have the best sister in law in the world, I am so lucky. XO

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