Weekend Wrap-up (02.05.11 – part deux and a half) – guest blog by Bizzle on 750 ml

750 ml

The AKORN beckoned again so we met NYC friends in town for the weekend. We met at a newer wine bar, 750 ml. This might be one of my favorite new  places!! Upon arrival, I felt like I walked into a friend’s living room decorated for a cocktail party…a mass of white paper lanterns covering the ceiling, the room softly lit, small walk-up bar to and brown leather lounge chairs situated throughout and positioned for engaging conversations.
Somehow I’ve finagled Bizzle to put together a write-up of the rest of the evening so drum roll please…weekend wrap-up part deux in the words of Bizzle:
It was great catching up with my long time friend, “the daver”. Seeing him and his wonderful fiance, Lisa, was a fantastic surprise and definite highlight of the new year. We were able to talk about family and friends as well as reminisce about stories from our recent wedding. This included highlighting interesting happenings on his ride home from the wedding that night. To sum up there was a car of 5 people including a 6’10” friend of ours in the back seat behind the driver. I believe there may have been beverages consumed and a brief brush in with the law. Needless to say they got away with a warning and enjoyed Luigis in downtown Akron to celebrate the ride. What a great couple! I am so looking forward to their wedding in August.
The night also included highlights from Joey Suits and The Sandman. We mixed in discussions on the new Browns coaches and our hopes and expectations for the coming year. And a night out with this crew wouldn’t be complete if not to discuss “who would win”. This discourse includes pairing the Sandman against logical and quite possible match ups with savage beasts. There is no way in God’s green earth that these match ups would ever present themselves but this doesn’t slow our friend down in the least. He is sure beyond doubt that this will one day become a reality and he will be prepared to protect himself and anyone around him. The discussion of course touched on the possible grapple with gorillas (a Sandman favorite), bears, the chimpanzee that attacked his owner, a great white shark and last but not least, a kangaroo.
The Sandman was positive that he would take a gorilla. He wasn’t about to take on a Silver Back but would gladly go into the ring with an adolescent of equal weight with himself, which is roughly 220 lbs. He feels that his secret maneuver would be a sweeping head blow or possible a sleeper hold. You’d have to see the looks on everyone’s faces when he tells the stories of his strategy…just imagine the most staggered look…on all our faces. The idea that he would best a gorilla, even if only 220lbs, was laughable at worst!!
Soon after these stories concluded, it was last call. We bid our good friend adieu and parted ways. It was a highly successful night and only a prelude to the party in August. Thanks to our great friends for spending some time and enjoying the delicious juice!

The 'who would win' conversation

...a 200 pound teenage gorilla, not an adult silver-back...

The couple-to-be

The Daver and Bizzle (nice rack...wine rack! look behind them!)

Libs and Suits

Group shot - red wine was the choice of the night.

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1 Response to Weekend Wrap-up (02.05.11 – part deux and a half) – guest blog by Bizzle on 750 ml

  1. Anne says:

    Love the AK shoutout! 750 ml is a fun spot and they also have a nice patio to enjoy during the warmer months.
    Cheers to Bizzle as the guest blogger. I found myself laughing out loud reading the part about the Sandman vs. various beasts. I can totally picture it 🙂 Sounds like you guys had a good time!

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