Sign-up for a CSA

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a program that provides members direct access to fresh produce from local farmers. Produce differs by farmer and typical offerings include organic fruit and vegetables, free-range chicken, herbs and even unique food you may not be able to easily get at the grocery store. Reasons to consider a CSA are:

  • the health benefits (no brainer!)
  • ease of incorporating fresh and healthier food into your meals (solves the dilemma of figuring out dinner and not getting fast food)
  • opportunity to develop a relationship with community farmers (networking! yeah!)
  • knowledge of where your food came from (less traveled = more fresh = better. period. )
  • awareness of how it was treated (no pesticides, chemicals, or hormones)
  • pride in supporting local and sustainability efforts! (its a win-win)

The latest CSA list I could find is here and here. Sign up now so you can enjoy fresh and tasty food this summer!

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