Weekend Wrap-up – Dear Colorado

Dear Colorado,                                                                                   February 21, 2011

We arrived back in Ohio safe and sound. Thank you for being such great host last weekend! We loved skiing your mountains, visiting your breweries and looking at your rugged, beautiful people. ‘Granolas’ are pretty too!

Some of our trip highlights include…

1. Skiing in Vail and Beaver Creek. Long ski runs, powdery snow, breathtaking views. I’ll never look at Boston Mills the same (big sigh), as if I ever did, but just saying… 😦

2. Nature – Mountains galore. Fresh clean air. Mother Nature at her finest.

3. Shopping at Valleygirl Boutique. Thanks C.C. for the fashion help!

4. Green, green everywhere – recycling bins, organic food, local (hopefully not starving) artists

5. Dog Friendly stores and community – Poppy would’ve been so proud.

6. 300 days of sunshine – Enough said.

7. Breweries. Odell Brewing CompanyNew Belgium Brewing (home of Fat Tire)

8. Chill…everyone is soooo easygoing. Made me stop creating never-ending lists in my head.

9. Noted lack of pharmacies. Are people generally healthier out west? Are there not as many old people that need to fill their prescriptions? What is it? Poor Bizzle. He ran out of heart-burn medicine at the start of the trip and asked the group to stop at a drug mart every day.

day 1

bizzle: hey guys, can we stop at a pharmacy? my heartburn is really bad.

group: of course. let’s gps the next pharmacy…cool, there’s one 20 minutes away….

(21 minutes later)

group: oh shoot, we passed the exit…we’ll get it next time.

bizzle: sad face. 😦

day 2

me to a friend: hey can you pick up some gaviscon on your way to the grocery for bizzle?

friend: sure!

1 hour later, friend returns from trip

friend: oh shoot! i forgot the gaviscon…

bizzle: sad face 😦

day 3…you get the point. deja vu until day 5, he finally got some heart-burn relief!

Anywho, I’m the biggest brain drain opponent out there but I get it Colorado! It’s easy to understand why our Ohio friends answered your beckoning call. Life seems so enjoyable when you’re not Vitamin D deficient. One thing the transplants mentioned is the challenge not having family roots out west. I hope you take good care of them until we can convince them to move back to O-H-I-O. 😉

Thanks again Colorado for your hospitality. Can’t wait to visit again! Here’s some pics from the trip. Enjoy!


The Importance of Being Cleveland

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1 Response to Weekend Wrap-up – Dear Colorado

  1. CC says:

    Such a great trip! i love your letter. What about your lightning strike comment? Or, did you intentionally leave that (funny) story out??

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