Weekend Wrap-up – 02.21.11 Firing On All Cylinders

Hi friends!
I’m not sure if my body hurts from the CrossFit workouts or the fun from this weekend (to be discussed in depth) but I am sore as a mother. My arms feel like stretched playdough and are so sore that I cannot brush my teeth without propping up my elbow. If you see someone walking around like a robot, thats me because I can’t swing my arms.

Pic from crossfitcle. There's me trying to do a pull-up! 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats - 20 minutes, as many rounds as possible.

Anyway, let’s get after it. In preparation for our trip to the Philippines next week, we went in overdrive this weekend.

Happy Hour with the girlfriends at Battery Park Wine Bar. Sooo good to see their pretty faces. 🙂
I’ve been to BPWB twice and the 2nd time was definitely better than the first.

Strohsie, AngC, Becky and Me

Service – So-so. Both times we had the same server. It was fine the first time and really slow the 2nd.
Location – At the Battery Park powerhouse. This area is on the up-and-up. New condos, nearby Gordon Square and many young professionals. You get the drift. I nabbed one of the last parking spots. Free parking is always nice!

Why are the pics fuzzy?!? And why do we look possessed? Oh well. Girl time

Taste – I’m a little torn here. On my first visit, Strohsie and I split Lamb Sliders,  Macaroni and Cheese and a Flatbread.  Didn’t do it for me. I don’t think you could put two girls together with bigger appetites and we didn’t finish our plates because the plates just weren’t agreeing with our taste buds. However, the 2nd time around, I ordered the Butternut Squash Lasagna and this time, I was very satisfied. I was also very happy with my dirty martini and blue cheese olives. 🙂
Cost – Apps average $9, flat breads are $10ish and boards (cheese, meats, etc) are ~$13. Food is $2 off during happy hour.
Green Factor – They offer the classic locals from Great Lakes and Thirsty Dog. Would love to see them add an organic wine to their list.

Why visit/go back? Cute logo – y.o.l.o. (you only live once) which adds to the social atmosphere. I’d like to try their cocktails and it’s a great place to people watch. I’d definitely order the butternut squash again!

EC, Rooms and Jules

Started out the day the right way. Went to Southside for breakie with Strohsie because I’ve been raving about their Pigs in a Blanket. Got there at 10 (doesn’t open til 11 on Saturday’s), so we met up with AngC at Civilization for coffee before she tended to her civic duties as a science fair judge, came back to S.S. at 11 to learn that my precious PIAB are only part of Sunday’s brunch menu. argh! Clearly it wasn’t meant to be. It was fine though because I balanced my CrossFit calorie burning with chicken and waffles. Amazing! Then met Bizzle and the Pops at Lakewood Dog Park for a little afternoon playtime…
So you’d probably think my next part of the story is Saturday night. Wrong! We found ourselves at Great Lakes Brewery to try out their newly released beer, Doppelrock. Thumbs up!


Bizzle and Great Lake’s new beer, Doppelrock.
Finally fast forward to the evening. We checked out the soft-opening of XYZ tavern in Gordon Square district. Had a blast! Great bartenders and a fun crowd. Summary of the night…Strohsie in short-sleeves, Eagle Rare whiskey, an odd lurker educating Bizzle about soccer, Bizzle shutting him up by pointing to ESPN highlights of Manchester United and saying ‘you know what? i’ve been there’, Corner Creek whiskey, my friends hacking my Facebook page and posting untrue status messages, bourbon fueled dancing when no one else was dancing, then Happy Dog for some late-night grub.





Who's idea was this?










Cheers to CYO basketball






Got a little blog crazy. Do you see it, do you see it??

Hot dog with chorizo topped with cheese. It hit the spot.

The Eagle Rare was burning my eyes!






And I finally got my Pigs in a Blanket on Sunday. They did Not disappoint!! 

Hope your week is off to a fabulous start. Be careful on the roads!

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4 Responses to Weekend Wrap-up – 02.21.11 Firing On All Cylinders

  1. Megan says:

    Great spending my entire weekend with you! FYI I cannot stop thinking about those pigs in a blanket at South Side…..

  2. browntye says:

    The pictures of bitter bourbon face are hysterical!

  3. Ang says:

    Can you jerks call me next time you decide to go to Southside on a Sunday? Possibly 15 minutes BEFORE you order this time?

  4. @Megan – i wish they had PIAB in the P.I.
    @Tye – my face matches the damage of the bourbon!
    @Ang – definitely. next time, 20 minutes before. 😉

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