The Importance of…

1. Making a later evening reservation during Restaurant Week. The restaurants are too busy and not prepared for the over-capacity. My friend AnnieB went to Johnny’s for restaurant week the same night I did with Bizzle. Her reservation – 6:45 pm, mine – 8:15. We had the same server and that’s where the similarities ended. Her meal was 3 hours long, food wasn’t prepared as well as it should’ve been while we enjoyed each of our courses – make sure to get the chocolate cake if you go. The only thing she could compliment was the great service.
2. Customer Service. Is it just me or are companies putting more effort in training their call centers? I have been pleasantly surprised with the remarkably improved experience during my last few calls to Verizon and my local bank.
3. Vegetables. They are just plain good for you gosh darnit. Your body uses less energy to digest them vs. meat, carbs, and other sh*t you put in your body. Therefore you have more energy. And it improves your hair, skin, waistline, etc.
Try this easy and delicious Greek Salad. 1 cucumber, 4 tomatoes, 1 green pepper (all veggies cubed, preferable the latter two organic), feta cheese, olive oil, dash of salt and pepper serves 2 – 4

Delicious and nutritious!

With feta cheese. so good.

4. Beating Angry Birds. Too addictive.
5. Recycling. You’re lame if you don’t.
6. The Revolutions in Tusnia, Egypt and Libya. Don’t ignore this. Pay attention to what’s happening. These are historic events people. Dictatorships and totalitarianism, which for decades forced their people to live in an impoverished and corrupt society, are falling to the power of the people. The dynamics of economic globalization, power of the internet and social awareness all came together in a perfect storm and served as a catalyst for people to find the courage to fight for freedom. Inspiring.
7. Good design. Kudos to Chipotle for putting the soap dispenser over the garbage so it doesn’t drip all over.

Soap, paper towels, garbage – streamlined. No messy bathroom.
8. Finding a strong, long-term Cleveland Schools CEO. Recently departed ex-Cleveland Schools CEO, Eugene Sanders shockingly left                                                                                                                                        a) in the first year of his contract extension                                                                                                                          b) 6 months into his highly touted transformation plan                                                                                                  c) with no warning
Cleveland public high schools have a graduation rate of 60%. Dismal. This is our future and we need to fix it.
9. Poppy Stirfry. Did you know that research proves dogs increase levels of oxytocin (the hormone linked to feelings of bonding, trust and affection) in their owners? We love our little pup.

I'm the bee's knees AND the cats pajamas!

10. Being Cleveland. During our recent trip to Colorado, I was so excited about, well everything Colorado’esque, that in the middle of a ski run, I yelled out, “We’re moving!!!” and then fell flat on my face. Coincidence? I think not.
Btw, this would be the biblical version of the event: And so God our Father heard my proclamation from the glorious mountains on which I stood and for which he created for us, his people. My solipsistic declaration so stirred his anger that with one point of a majestic finger, He sent a bolt of lightning from the skies and struck me to the earth, humbling my poor soul so.
The weekend is almost here and that means just 1 more day til we head off to the P.I. (aka Philippine Islands…straight yo). 80 degree weather in the homeland here we come!
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