Philippines Bound, Kaka about the Kindle

Dadas, Lola, me, Mel Gibson and Lolo...1991'ish? Sweet sweatshirt Lolo!

We’re leaving for the Philippines tomorrow to visit my Lolo and relatives. Lolo means grandfather in Tagalog, the Filipino language. He is 90 years old, my only living grandparent and an amazing story teller.

For me, his stories are like an 8 mm film capturing snapshots of time periods in his life – as a soldier in the Korean war, serving as Treasurer for his province and recounting my dad as a little boy.

One thing I love to talk about with my Lolo is the NBA. He could rattle off the score from the last Cavs game, how many points LBJ had and even though I already knew his answer, I always asked if they were good enough to beat his favorite team in the NBA finals, the L.A. Lakers (he always said they wouldn’t and he was right).

And you know what? He lost his sight about 15 years ago so all of this is picked up by listening to the games on the television. Lolo is fighting the old age right now so we’re truly looking forward to spending time with him.


In preparation for the 24 hour plane ride, I bought a Kindle. I was initially torn about it because I love books – the touch, the pages, having a shelf of them in our office, etc. But it doesn’t really make sense to lug around unnecessary weight so I ordered one through Amazon.  First book I downloaded was Water for Elephants. If you have any book suggestions, please pass along!

This is a reading apparatus Poppy, not a chew toy.


Do you mind? I'm reading...

Handmade case for my Kindle, ordered through Etsy

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2 Responses to Philippines Bound, Kaka about the Kindle

  1. Rose says:

    I have been dying for a Kindle since Carrie C. pulled hers from her purse, and amazed me with the clarity of the screen. I too once argued the importance of having a book of pages, folding the corner to keep your spot, not caring if it falls in the sand… BUT now I am rethinking it all. Please let me know your thoughts on your new purchase after this trip. Recommendations; Life of Pi, Something Borrowed, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and the Southern Vampire Series 🙂

  2. Ang says:

    Weenah, I heart your Grandpa’s sweatshirt! Classic!
    Have a GREAT time in the Philippines!!!
    I’m with your friend, Rose. Life of Pi is awesome! Also, you have to order this yoga book I’m reading, A Life Worth Breathing. Do it! You won’t be sorry.
    See you soon!

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