Hello from Manila!

Mabuhay from Manila! (hello in Tagalog). We arrived safe and sound 4 days ago and the P.I. has been good to us. Very good. Lots of food, slow pace of life and extremely favorable dollar-to-peso exchange rate. 🙂 Stayed in the business center of Manila at the Makati Shangri-La hotel, visited The Ayala Museum and watched a great 3 girl karaoke band, Silk, at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Loving my Kindle!! So happy with it, it has won me over. Finished “Water for Elephants” in one reading. Now reading “Beautiful Joe: An Autobiography of a Dog” by Marshall Saunders. It was published in 1893 and tells a story of a dog’s life, Beautiful Joe, in his eyes.

Cleveland related: We’re thinking about attending the next Emerging Chefs event, The Theatrical,  http://www.emergingchefs.com/ on March 24th. The featured chef is Adam Bostwick from Melange at East 14th Street Theater. See you there!

Paalam! (goodbye!)

Me and Diana with Manny Pacquiao (poster)

Diana at the Puento Fuego

Lobby of Shangri La Hotel in Makati

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3 Responses to Hello from Manila!

  1. Devo says:

    Yo girl!!! I cant believe u are in Phillipines! Tell Diana Hi for me! Miss you aznd hope u have an amazing trip!

  2. Devo says:

    Hi Girl! I cannot believe you are in Phillipines! Have an amazing trip and be safe! Hi Diana!!!

  3. Devo says:

    whoops, didnt know first one posted ………….. it is not my short term memory i swear!!!(at least not that bad yet)

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