Weekend Wrap-up – Rooms birthday @ Dante, Friday 03.25.11

Friday was Celebrate Roomy’s Birthday at Dante in Tremont!
Best Line of the Night – “its when something is, (pause), unattractive”
This is how the BLN came to fruition….
Service – We were greeted warmly upon arrival and Dante himself stopped by our table and welcomed us. Service was fantastic throughout the night.
Location – In Tremont. On Professor. Make sure not to ask K-Sassy for directions. 😉
Upon arrival, we were taken through the restaurant, past the kitchen to our table and into the private dining room. It seats up to 30 and tables were prepared for reservations from 2 people to 10. Built last year, the walls of the addition are a beautiful, light maple wood with varieties of stone patterns throughout. The way it is decorated and setup creates a modern luxurious, lodge-like feel and sets the tone for an intimate, special evening. Classy, classy.
p.s. Get ready to make reservations for Dante’s courtyard as warm weather is around the corner (it really is!) and nothing beats having a glass of wine in the summer, in Cleveland, with friends.
Taste – When you first see the menu, you may be unfamiliar with some of the plates or ingredients and wonder what they will taste like. Don’t be afraid to ask the server for an explanation or recommendation.
We started with a couple special apps – i know it was a cheese I had never heard of…white…good…and that’s all I can pretty much tell you. 🙂 I then moved on to a cup of the Truffled Miso Chicken Soup which went down fast because it was the perfect temperature, flavor and deliciousness. For our main course, I ordered a ‘tasting’ of the Linguine alla Carbonara (poached egg, house made pancetta, and a definite visit to CrossFit Cle the next day). What I like about Dante’s menu is that some of the dishes come in different sizes. For example, you can order the hand made pasta 1 of 3 ways – tasting ($4), appetizer ($8) and Main ($17). That allows you to control your portions and/or try different things from the menu in one meal. We all ordered different meals and I enjoyed mine but my favorite was K-Sassy’s spaghetti (chestnuts, squash and scallions; for accuracy sake, she passed on the chestnuts). We were both surprised when her dish came out as we were both expecting a red sauce. But the noodles were thinner and if there was any sauce, it was very light, perhaps a subtle broth. I loved the bites I stole from her plate and definitely want to order it next time around! With a filthy, dirty martini and blue cheese olives please!

Cost – As I mentioned above, a number of Dante’s plates offers different sizes portions that can help you protect your waistline and wallet. But you are paying for made from scratch dishes and this is Tremont peeps, so expect to pay a little more for the culinary creativity.

Green Factor – I am always a fan of supporting a local business. I am unsure if produce comes from local farms and would be interested to know if anyone out there is aware.
Why visit/Go back? We’ve been there for happy hour a number of times but this is the first time I was in the private dining room. I would highly recommend it for special occasions – make sure to mention it when making your reservation. Our friends raved about the Chef’s table so that will be my next visit to Dante. I’ve got to try both the Salad of 7 Autumn Vegetables and Spaghetti next time!
While great food and spirits were consumed, our party conversed on all things relevant in life such as Saved By the Bell, 90210 (the original of course!), Kirk Cameron and his multi-bizillion dollar religious movie endeavors, who Kirk Cameron married (no one had a clue of her name), his sister, Candace and her tv character, DJ Tanner.
We finally moved away from the early 90’s discussion to more important things like celebrity gossip (i.e., Tiger Wood’s new girlfriend who hails from Cleveland) and a facebook story which gave birth to that night’s Best Line of the Night….
Rooms telling story: …it was an eyesore
C.C.: what was an eyesore?
I thought C.C. had asked ‘whats an eyesore?’ and felt it important to help C.C. stay current with common American sayings as I too have been lost in conversations when people hastily throw out American slang (e.g., pot calling the kettle black, chip on your shoulder, etc). Hey, I’ll always have that in my back pocket! 🙂 Yes, C.C. is multi-generation American-born but we are all somewhere, somehow related.
So I explained as patiently and kindly as a teacher: ‘It’s when something is, (pause), unattractive’
C.C.: I Know what an eyesore is!
Massive laughter followed by more massive laughter.
Don’t worry Strohsie and fellow Blue Streaks, I will be getting to Saturday night in due time. For now, please enjoy the pics.

Kelly, C.C., Dante, K-Sassy, Rooms and Me

Rooms and her main squeeze, Webs

Kelly and C.C. It took 3 picture attempts before Kelly would behave for the camera.

K-Sassy, Me and Rooms

Dante guitar pick. Very cool.

K-Sassy not trying to hitch hike, just saying hi to Billy. Long story. RIP.

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