M.Strohsie Birthday!

If there was ever a business for writing delayed blogs, I’d win first prize. 🙂
So let’s take a step back and appreciate the boost we injected into Cleveland’s economy that weekend. A bunch of Blue Streaks (Strohsie, AngC, Me, Baby, Jules, Verno and MM), a Mount Union alum who dances as well as Britney S Pierce (BH), and three gentlemen (Tucson, Bizzle and BigNazzy) sat down for dinner at Luxe in Gordon Square District. After waiting 30 minutes for our table with reservation (yikes! but at least the service was great and they did separate checks – always a plus in my book), sitting just 15 feet away from ex-Cuyahoga County Auditor Frank Russo and his dinner party of 12, and eating a piece from the gigantic chocolate chip birthday cake, we headed over to XYZ the tavern for some spirits. The bar is making quite a name for itself with its extensive bourbon selection. Curious to know about their food as I haven’t heard anything about the grub yet.

Couple of random comments before we get into everyone’s favorite part – Pictures!
Luxe was a commercial catalyst for Gordon Square. Clearly the renovations of the theater were a key factor as well but without a doubt, Luxe resurged the area by demonstrating its commercial potential and now trendy stores and restaurants are opening on Detroit Road left and right. Thank you for taking the risk!

Their mantra is “Reuse, recycle, and repurpose”. Go to their website, click on Who We Are and read about how they create that vintage, eclecitc and trendy vibe in the restaurant.

Frank Russo. With his deep tan, fancy jacket and large dinner crowd, I was convinced it was his last supper but I was incorrect. He doesn’t start his 22 year sentence until May. No one said anything to him as he walked through the restaurant to his table but everyone’s eyes were definitely on him (aaawwwkwaaaard to watch someone eat a nice meal after they’ve admitted to committing crimes and cheating taxpayers nearly $7 million).
When are we officially old? We’ve been celebrating each other’s birthdays for at least 15 years now and that makes me nostalgic. We just aren’t giving each other birthday gifts at our lockers before 1st mod (that’s what we called periods/classes at Mags). But some things do come full-circle because the mom’s in the group had to be home at a certain time. 11 pm on a weekend – (freshman curfew anyone?). So…
a) I still don’t know what I want to be now that I’ve “grown-up”
b) Neither luxe nor xyz existed so we know that Cleveland is experiencing some type of growth and
c) The sentiment of a birthday never changes. It’s your 1 day of the year no matter if you’re turning 10, 31 or 60.


Birthday Girl at XYZ.

Birthday girl's cake courtesy of Verno.

Jules, Sassafras and BH

Me, AngC and Strohsie

Vegas 2005 Reunion! Much older and wiser now.

No more Night in Blue, no more Night In Blue! Hey hey hey!

BigNazzy attacks the steak

AngC and I split the pizza. Chicken, mushrooms, spinach, cheese.

Bizzle crushed the gnocchi with short ribs. His dinners at Luxe have been as consistent as J.J. Hickson's play but this one won him over.

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4 Responses to M.Strohsie Birthday!

  1. Awww you girls all look great (and I had know idea about XYZ’s extensive bourbon selection until Ang was telling me the Monday after ya’ll went out!) Looks like you guys had a blast – you all looked great (and that first pic of Megan is awesome!)

  2. Megan Stroh says:

    It was a great night! Great pics Weenah! And thanks for the champagne toast……

  3. Looks like Megan had a great birthday! Love this blog and am looking forward to reading it more! 🙂

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