Chicago babies visit Cle

Two weekends in a row, Bizzle and I got to play ‘lets pretend’.

Our Chicago friends and relatives brought their babies to Cleveland for a visit so we got a glimpse of the day and life of ‘people that raise children’, some call them ‘rents. .

Our first set of visitors from Chicago was with the Schu’s and their new addition. Just 4 months old, Baby Schu was a little nugget and I think her tiny features are a combination of mom and dad. I held and feed her (and she didn’t cry – yea!) and the time we spent hanging with the Schu ‘s flew by way too fast. They are going to be awesome parents and Charlie Brown, their dog, couldn’t be a better sport about everyone oohing and aahing over the new addition.


Momma Lee and Baby Sydney

Aunt and baby making a Kodak moment

Bizzle, Schu and Charlie Brown

JennySchu, Schu and Bizzle watching Baby sleep on monitor

The next weekend, our Chicago relatives (Dennis the Menace and his family) brought their little ray of sunshine, (I’ll call her…M squared), to the Cle. She loved our dog, Poppy Stirfry, almost as much as my parents do. 🙂 But her new favorite was Bizzle – see short video below. Precious!

It’s amazing how fast life happens. People we grew up with are having babies now and starting their own families. Our parents are becoming grandparents and generations are extending. (Reality check – metabolism is slower, we’re older than today’s professional athletes and Saturday nights end before midnight (sometimes). So when do we start the botox injections? 🙂

Just getting up from a nap.

Oh yes, Bizzle made sure to play with one of Schu’s other additions. First an iPhone, then a Kindle, Bizzle has the iPad fever!

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1 Response to Chicago babies visit Cle

  1. Lee says:

    Weenah – I love your blog! Thanks for including us and our weekend. We miss you guys.

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