Lacking Direction

Although I wrote a very enthusiastic post about ‘Healthy Cleveland’, I am finding myself falling off the Fit Train and heading towards the dreaded Fat Land. When I came back from the Philippines, I did a pretty good job of eating healthy and mixing my exercise routine between CrossFit and yoga. My reward? Fitting into skinny work pants and jeans. Quite fabulous.

But its been tough to maintain a consistent, healthy lifestyle. And the result? I’m bloated, grouchy and very tired. That’s about the only consistent thing I have going right now and my skinny jeans are gathering dust in the closet (shocker). Just curious if anyone has gone through this before and has suggestions to get over the hump?? My body is clearly unhappy with me. If I’m struggling at the age of 31, I fear 40 and beyond. Wait, who am I kidding, mid 30’s is knocking on my door.

(Fast forward 3 minutes…I did get a little pick-me-up when I checked CrossFit Cle’s facebook page and cracked a smile when I saw this picture of me lying on the ground after today’s WOD.)

3 rounds of 10 thrusters, 15 burpee box jumps and 20 pull-ups.

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3 Responses to Lacking Direction

  1. CC says:

    that picture is hilarious! Keep working at it Eileen! The more you stay after it the better you’ll feel. Promise.

  2. Thanks CC. I’m trying. Love the tips in the email you sent. I will embrace it.

  3. Megan says:

    OMG you can do 20 pull ups?! You’re amazing.

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