Recap of Emerging Chefs Event: Dinner by Design

I’ve been chomping at the bit to attend an Emerging Chefs event so Strohsie and I did just that. The latest event was held last Thursday, April 13th, and the theme was ‘Dinner by Design’. Put together by Event Source and mossmedia, the dinner was held at Tyler Village (corner of E.36th and Superior). An unorthodox location, yes, but perhaps an up and coming neighborhood. Held on the top floor of an old school, lockers and all, they utilized the raw space to its potential and the setup was pretty spectacular.

The featured chef was Ellis Cooley from AMP 150 and I couldn’t be happier to support him as I personally love his restaurant. AMP 150 talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to ‘green’ and the food is delicious.

Cocktail Hour

First impression walking in. In-te-res-ting.

Prepping the drinks

Raw space, lots of natural light

Exposed walls created very cool, urban vibe

Me and Strohsie

Now For The Food

Menu. 5 courses!?! Wowee.

Appetizer...cheese and...ummmm, it was really really good.

1st Course - Yellowtail and Hamichai Crudo Dill, Apple, Celery, Sesame served with Champagne.

Strohsie - Very Important Person

2nd course - Torchon of Foie Gras, Ice and Snow, Brioche Funnel Cake served with Chardonnay. The only word I know in this dish is funnel cake but everything tasted as fancy as it sounds.

We made a new friend, Hillary, who sat at our table. Emerging Chefs...stepping it up with the fabulous lighting.

3rd Course - Pea and Coconut Soup, Marshmallow, Jelly, Tuile, Carrot. Served with Pinot Gris. This was the dish I least anticipated but turned out to be my FAVORITE. Its always nice to be surprised.

Orange Envelope was one of the many foodies at the event. Snap snap.

Another shot of me and Strohsie. I learned that its better to point the camera down so that you look thinner in pics. Can you tell?? Thanks Hillary!

(Ignore the blurriness, Im not a professional). Yup, this is Cleveland. We can be swanky too.

Course 4 - Black and bay scallops, Farro, Squid ink. Served with Pinot Noir. A bit buttery for me but Strohsie adored this dish.

5th Course - Herbed Lamb Loin, Chippolini Soubise, Favas, Spice. Served with Merlot. Looks like art doesnt it?

Theres always room for dessert. Bacon, sour, apple, sweet. Finished off with Moscado. Sweeet. Literally.

Dinner by Design offered unique and original dishes throughout the night and Chef Cooley provided a mini-narration on each dish. Some were tastier than others and people at our table each picked different dishes as their favorite. That speaks to the diversity of the ingredients and plates themselves. This would be a great type of event to check out with friends or a date if you’re looking to try out something new. There are a couple logistics that the event planners will have to work out to sustain the interest and positive word of mouth. But overall, by tapping into the growing culinary scene and spotlighting popular chefs, the Emerging Chefs concept is creating original and exciting palette experiences.

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1 Response to Recap of Emerging Chefs Event: Dinner by Design

  1. Julie says:

    Looks like a fun event to go to. Great breakdown E! And…nice pics of you and Stroh : )

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