Keeping the Faith

A few weeks ago, separate sets of friends mentioned they were going to church that weekend. Sunday funday was turning out to be Sunday nunday. I kid, I kid. But the timing was an odd coincidence because my circles of friends are not particularly religious. Do they believe in God? For the most part, yes. However, I don’t believe any of them practice their faith on a regular basis; one thing I myself am guilty of.

Well, if there’s one thing that Cleveland has a lot of, its heaps of churches and temples. For instance, within a few miles radius of our house, there is St. John’s the Baptist, Church of Latter-day Saints, Broadview Road Church of Christ, Holy Trinity Lutheran Chruch, Parma Pentecostal Church, Saint Columbkille Parish – and I haven’t even listed them all but you get the point.

Are you there God? It's me...

I’m curious to know what sparked their interest. A search for fulfillment? Guilt? Emptiness? A sense of responsibility? Were Easter childhood memories rekindled upon the approaching religious holiday? And why now?

In some cases, the friends curiously exploring their spiritual side attended high school in a  blue polyester skirt and white polo shirt for 4 years. 🙂 They may have went to Catholic school since kindergarten, started each class period with a prayer and went to church every Sunday with their family.

But upon moving out of their parents homes and out of their vigilant eyes, the practicing of religion became well, non-practicing.

True, you cannot infinitely measure one’s faith by counting how many times they go to church. But it might be fair to say it reflects at least a hint of one’s commitment to the faith as ‘free will’ allows us to choose to do whatever, however and whenever we want.

On the flip side, some people say they are not religious but spiritual. I would like to know what that means. Please enlighten me, literally and figuratively. Am I going too far with the religious metaphors? Please forgive. 😉 It fascinates me how people form their perspectives on God and religion.

As it was thousands of years ago, religion is still a divisive topic. It is a non-tangible entity whose power is so great that it inspires momentous acts of charity and love but has also unfortunately spurred conflict and judgement on a personal, country and ethnic level.

On a personal note, we too are figuring out religion. Our trips to church are not consistent  but becoming more frequent than in year’s past and we debate whether to send our unborn children to public (free!) or private school (will cost as much as a car by then!).

But yes God, we’re know you’re there!

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