The Filthy Fifty – shoot me in the head!

I know, its been a while. No excuse. But I can promise that you will be treated to a new posts everyday for the next 3 days but I can’t promise that you will enjoy them. Hopefully a little entertainment?

So I just finished the Workout of the Day (WOD), the Filthy Fifty at CrossFit CLE tonight. I could have definitely added another ‘F’ word in that title but Sister Vincent (rest her soul) would probably smack me on the bum. (Sidenote: I made it all the way through kindergarten without getting spanked until the very last day of school when we were practicing graduation. I was the letter ‘E’. When Sr. Justin’s class came over, I waved to Rachel Crea and BOOM! Sr. Vincent’s hand connected head-on with my little bum because I was facing the wrong way. It stung but not as much as my pride. I couldn’t believe it! For an entire year, I had escaped her disciplinary hand (literally). So fine, I got spanked but the secret was safe from my parents, or so I thought. Fast forward end of day. My dad was picking me up from my cousin Judy’s house. I heard him come in the house and the first audible thing I hear is ‘Weenah Got Spanked!’ (Weenah is my nickname but you should know that by now).  The horror! My first cousin! What a tattle tale! But I survived and here’s proof – a pic of me at kindergarten graduation.

E is for England, the land where the Pilgrims came from.

So anyway, back to the Filthy Fifty and my accompanying thoughts:
– 50 box jumps – ok, not too bad. oh wait, why are my feet cramping? ugh, i didnt drink enough water today.
– 50 jumping pull-ups – keeping decent pace. oh wait, people are already 2 exercises ahead.
– 50 kettlebell swings – i’m dead last out of the whole group. its fine.
– 50 walking lunges – these aren’t so bad. i force myself to envision a celebrity bikini bodies to keep me going.
– 50 knees to elbows – i hate these! what do these even do for me? i’m starting to get blisters!
– 50 push press – i’m dying. arms. feel. like. jello. at this point, i”m only able to do 5 at a time. i throw down the bar with anger and authority after squeaking by each 5.
– 50 back extensions – help me! barely halfway through. i want to quit.
– 50 wall balls – at this point, i’m only able to do 3 in a row at the most! there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
– 50 burpees – the tears that have been welling up since knees to elbows are almost ready to spill. i look at my trainer, Jill, and motion my hand across my throat that I quit. She kindly whispers ‘just do 30’. there is a God.
– 50 double unders (or tuck jumps) – Bizzle had completed the WOD 10 minutes ago. Our entire group is finished and I’m the last person trying to do these damn tuck jumps. Everyone is cheering me on. I’m ready to vomit. Spots everywhere. 3, 2, 1. Done!

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2 Responses to The Filthy Fifty – shoot me in the head!

  1. browntye says:

    I think I will put a calendar reminder wherever possible to make sure I go out and look at this picture every day. It makes me laugh and smile! I am not sure if I will associate it with the filthy fifty, but maybe thats a good thing.

  2. Rachel says:

    Weenah – I love this – being that I was the one that caused you so much pain that is still with you today!

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