Weekend Wrap-Up 05.13.11

On Friday, we attended a happy fundraiser for Boys Hope Girl Hope (BHGH) at Harry Buffalo downtown. Bizzle is on the junior board and the organization’s mission ‘is to help bright and motivated children-in-need meet their full potential and become men and women for others by providing value-centered, family-like homes, opportunities, and education from middle school through college’.

Based out of Garfield Heights, BHGH NEO provides year-round housing to selected scholars and the opportunity to attend one of the area’s Catholic high schools including St. Ignatius, Beaumont, Walsh Jesuit, just to name a few.

Totally was planning to stay til 8 pm but we just had to celebrate Pronk’s walk-off homerun to beat Seattle. The crowd erupted into massive cheering and the win cemented my belief in the Tribe – and my permanent seat on the bandwagon. Kudos to the Indians for an amazing fireworks show afterwards (I believe they do it every Friday).

Indians win!!!! Indians win!!!!

Raise your hands if the Tribe is legit! (2 legit to quit!)

Saturday we attended a memorial for a friend’s family member. It was a beautiful celebration of one’s life and gave me a reality check on life. We stayed in on Saturday night and it was so relaxing and So Needed!

Sunday we attended Rose’s bridal shower at South Side in Tremont, hosted by MacKensey. She threw a fabulous shower and we were all treated to great food and conversation at one of my favorite restaurants. I heart South Side. I couldn’t be happier for Rose and AP. Love, its a beautiful thing!

The lovely Bride-to-Be!

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