216 vs. 330

2006 – I bought my first place. Townhome.
2006, 2007 – I got a roommate.
2008 – Old roommate replaced with Rooms. (love you Rooms!)
2009 – Got engaged. Yay!
2010 – Bizzle and I got married. He moved in.
Now it’s 2011. And I’m kinda itching for us to get a house…with non-shared walls and a yard so Poppy Stirfry can run. We’re in no rush and slowly eased ourselves into the search for the perfect house. But I’ve omitted one small house hunting detail. We are two-timing son of a biscuits!!

Depending if you hail from the 216 or 330 area code, you may react one way or the other to the fact that we’ve have attended open houses in both Cleveland (gasp!) and Akron (double gasp!) over the past few months. Not close to making a decision yet but just providing some full disclosure. Both areas have a charm and identity of their own and it’s so hard to decide! Stay tuned!

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