Being a Housewife for the Day, why I Like 4 Day Weekends

My work gives employees a 4 day weekend for Memorial Day. Score. That’s 96 hours of freedom and gives me a little taste of being a real housewife. For example…
I slept in on Friday and felt no guilt. Then I used my groupon for a chemical peel at Western Reserve Plastic Surgery (odd name but they are pretty fab) and that made me extra happy because I saved money while being pampered. Feeling refreshed, I stopped by Crate and Barrel to pick up a gift for a Couples Shower this weekend.  Not much action in the store so I was helped right away to find things from the registry and didn’t have to wait in line to pay. Score again. As I was paying, a girl my age in a blue flowy dress, my age, with a large Louis Vuitton bag and a Gigantic Rock, came in line next to me. I’m talking 5 carats! Unless she works for a Big 4 (which I don’t think she does), I’m pretty sure she was a 30 year old housewife.
After, I took my joyous mood to Pet People where I bought Poppy Stirfry a new chewtoy, a deer antler. Did you know those are an option for man’s best friend? Again, typically when I’m shopping for Poppy Stirfry at the pet store, it’s because we already ran out of dog food. I will work on showing you a pic of Poppy with her new chew.
Fastforward to dinner at  TyFun in Tremont with some friends where I did not feel rushed trying to get ready or arrive there on time. Everything just fell nicely into place. All it took was a short week of work and I’m feeling like the cat’s pajamas. Ahhhh, the life.
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