Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brown!

No, not Bizzle and I (although our 1st year anniversary is approaching!).
Congratulations to Ben and Kelly Brown! They tied the knot outdoors at the Cultural Gardens and I’m celebrating their 11th day anniversary with a little dedicated post. Kelly must have heard God’s prayers because you couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, sunny day. After they tied the knot, we headed over to Westwood Country Club for dinner, dancing and drinks. Kelly and Ben did a fantastic job putting her own personal, touch throughout the day.
Kelly’s dress was very romantic with a ruffled, organza skirt. The flowers were magenta tulips and the bridesmaids wore dark tan, JCrew knee length dresses. It was a beautiful contrast. Guests were asked to sign the Wedding Tree with their thumbprint and name. Ben and Kelly treated the guests with a red and pink candy bar to go with the color theme. It was a perfect treat at the end of the night.
Awards for the night, here’s my take:
– Best Dancer: The Dentist. AKA – Life of the Party!
– Best Dance Routine: Thriller by The Dentist, Big Nazzy and Springco
– Best Dressed:
– RG sported a tan suit with an orange tie represented spring attire with color and pop.
– MagstoRiches in a yellow,  two-layer short dress with lacey cutouts. The cut was boat neck (so flattering on anyone!) with capped sleeves. Adorable!
You’ll notice the colorful array of ladies’ dresses in the last picture below. As you can see, colors ranged from the classic black with a dash of color via necklace or belt over to yellows, navy blues and bright purple. Prints came out this spring and everyone looked gorgeous.
– Most miles logged: JLinds and Summer (all the way from Dallas. howdy! )
– Best troopers: Moms-to-be were good sports

Please stand up and welcome the new, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Brown!

Two Lips

Where's Eric?

T & B

The bride in front of the Cupcake Cake. It was a tough choice between vanilla or chocolate.

Heart placecards. Two of hearts!

Me and The Biz

Bizzle, RG and Brett

The Boyzzzzz...

...And the Girlzzzz (MagstoRiches 2nd on the right)

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