12 Cleveland Girls in The Big Easy, a look back

Have you been to New Orleans? Fun Fact per Wiki: The Big Easy was possibly a reference by musicians in the early 20th century to the relative ease of finding work there. It also may have originated in the Prohibition era, when the city was considered one big speak-easy due to the inability of the federal government to control alcohol sales in open violation of the 18th Amendment. The term was used by local columnist Betty Gillaud in the 1970s to contrast life in the city to that of New York City.[148] The name also refers to New Orleans’ status as a major city, at one time “one of the cheapest places in America to live.”
Whatever the reason, I love that city. I smile when I think of NOLA, the site of my bachelorette party just a little more than a year ago. After the trip, I asked my 11 girls to send me their favorite memories and now I’m compulating the decent ones for publication (I could’ve written a book from that weekend!).
I’m also posting this in case you are considering a trip to the NOLA and need some tips:
Favorite Bars:
– Bar where we played Drag Queen Bingo (most entertaining thing you’ll ever see)
– Pat O’Briens* (piano man bar, great scene and drinks are diesel!)
– Henry’s
– Cat’s Meow* (karaoke, we were definitely a crowd favorite!)
– Lafitte’s Blacksmith (this bar is lit up only via candlelight)
– Cafe Elixir
– Double Play
Favorite Food:
– Beans at the Jazz Fest
– Do Hurricanes count?
– Mufaletta at Ignatius
– Ribs and mufaletta at Jazz Fest
– Gyro – late night
– Fried green tomatoes
– Shwarma
– Falafel
– Crab cakes
– All the amazing sea food
– Operation Find Our Friend
– The Cowboy Hat and Magical Boa at Cat’s Meow*
– Brunch at Two Sisters
– Becky on the bus to Jazz Fest
– Becky singing multiple songs, including Telephone by Gaga…with mic off
– Picking up straight guys at a gay bar
– Shopping
Least Favorite Memory
– I overslept and missed my flight. Had to take a detour flight to Houston (thank God I had Bissa with me!) then finally got to New Orleans about 10 hours after everyone had already started ‘celebrating’. I didn’t catch up that night but we still rocked it.
*Received the most votes

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