EC celebrates The Dirty Thirty

Happy Birthday to EC who celebrated her 30th birthday this past weekend.
We started off with a surprise party at Lopez on the East Side. Dinner was hosted by EC’s mom and dad, t-shirt logistics and dinner details handled by KO with ZachAttack provided overall coordination for the evening. Friends traveled in from out of town and I got to make some new friends.
Now this party was planned to a tee, with a capital T. I’m talking t-shirts designed by graphic designer Kiki for the whole crew, matching koozie’s (by the way it took me 4 times to spell this word right, had to look it up in google), a party bus (, rubber wristbands and…The Price Is Right! The party bus took us to Redd Stone in Battery Park, ABC the Tavern in Ohio City, The Naughty Mermaid in the Warehouse District and rounded it out with Parnell’s in Cleveland Heights. While the party bus took us to our destinations, EC’s mom hosted games like The Clock Game, Cover Up and 3 Strikes. My favorite game was Contestant’s Row when everyone tries to most closely guess the price of the prize without going over the actual price ($19.99, no higher!! $20!, lower, lower!! $1!!).
It was an awesome celebration. Welcome to the big 3-0 EC! Come on down!

It's Official - EC is 30! And she has a tiara to prove it!


















Party Bus Anyone?

Pixar couldn't have designed it better

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