1 year, 4 months and counting!

Bizzle the Red and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary by taking a trip to Portland, Maine…Yes, it was way back in June but I’ve been a little tired this summer 😉 Great place for a vacation by the way! Fantastic restaurants, beautiful town and everything’s in walking distance. We came away with a new found love for the Northeast. If you are thinking of a trip out there, send me a note and I can share some suggestions.

What a first year it was for the ‘Cleveland Browns’, or as my mom says in every single one of her text messages ‘Hi da Browns!’. But anyway, the hardest adjustment of living together…was…living together! And the best part was…living together! Hehe. The Brown household was a battleground for many primary debates. Topics included – whats for dinner tonight? who’s cooking dinner? who’s turn is it to do the dishes?, etc. Our dog Poppy was a neutral and fair mediator during Brown vs. Brown. She even inserted herself and intensified the debates by introducing topics such as – It’s your turn to take out the dog, Hey I fed Poppy last, and my mother of all interrogations – Why does Poppy keep wetting her bed?

The jury is still out on some of those questions but alas, we’ve moved onto a new chapter of married life. Yes, Tye and I are expecting a baby girl and she is due Feb 15, 2012! I’m halfway through the pregnancy at 22’ish weeks and my next blog will be pics from the past 5 months capturing my ever-growing physique.

More to come on that note but in case you wonder how things are going, my favorite pregnancy quote thus far…”Thats like (pause) growing by the hour” Tye, in reference to my belly, 10/04/11 at 9:42 pm.

Touche Mr. Brown. So how bout a baby moon before the stork delivers Baby Girl Brown?  Hint, hint. 😉

It's a girl!! Poppy is soooo excited - cant you tell??

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3 Responses to 1 year, 4 months and counting!

  1. kendra! says:

    oh, you sneaky ones! when i saw the title of this post, i had my suspicions. congrazzles so much on the pigtails you are cooking. i am wishing you a smooth ride until february, eileen!

    • Kendra! Thank you very much! It’s exciting and becomes a little more real for me each and every day that passes by.
      p.s. maybe our kids will look similar? 😉

      • kendra! says:

        The ingredients are similar. I cook mine for 41 weeks and they come out 8 lbs. 1 oz. (seriously, both times, like woah, scoobs). Just giving you my recipe but I think Baby Brown is going to go her own way and there will probably be a continental divide from the beauty….

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