Campbell is 4 Months!

Campbell is 4 months old!?! Although its only been a mere 4 months, it’s all going by much too fast for my liking. Although parenthood proved quite a challenge for us first-timers, things are sorting out and each day is truly more fun and enjoyable than the last. Each morning when I can hear C waking up on the monitor, I get giddy and happily go downstairs to her nursery where she welcomes me with a bright smile. ‘Hello world!’ her eyes and smile seem to express.

Genetics were unkind to our little C in the allergy department. Both Bizzle and I have hayfever and cat allergies so they seem to have conglomerated into a mega-allergy when we created our little offspring. You may have noticed in pictures of our babe that we put mittens on her, like Charlie Day’s kitten mittens – ha! Because unfortunately our little one has a dairy allergy and it causes her to scratch, scratch, scratch. When we swaddle her at night, she moves around the crib like a little inch worm because she’s constantly squirming to try and rub her itches away.  C is on her 3rd hypoallergenic formula and we’re hoping that she’s going to outgrow this allergy sooner rather than later! Thank you to all of our friends and family that have prayed and supported us throughout this tough period.

Like a perfectly consistent emulsion of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich , C is a nice blend of Bizzle and I. Some days we look at her and say, ‘C looks Asian today’ and other days we decide ‘She looks American’.  So I guess she’s really a mestiza, filipino word for a person of mixed race, typically half white half filipino. We love our little mestiza!


Trying to get C in the right position. Good skin day – no kitten mittens today!


She’s all comfy now with her hair pushed up as high as can be – look at that smile!


Oh yay, photo shoot is over! Time for a nap

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3 Responses to Campbell is 4 Months!

  1. kendra! says:

    #1 stunnahhh, seriously.
    Big fan of the mestizas/hapas/supercutie CaucAsian jewels!
    Sorry for the allergy distress. I can imagine what kind of extra new parent acrobatics that is requiring. But I truly believe that any early struggles just make the bond stronger. Take courage, Baby Bizzle Makers.

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