A short story about bangs

Hi! My name is Campbell but you can call me any one of the many nicknames given to me over the last 4 months – C.C., Campy, Campabella, Baby Camel, PB… just a few names that my family calls me – sometimes it gets so confusing! Filipinos like to give a lot of nicknames and at least one that really doesn’t relate to your real name. Anywho, I’m finally starting to outgrow my newborn clothes so my mom is trying to dress me up in them one last time and…’capture the moment’, ya know how it goes. Today she put me in ‘My Auntie Rocks’ onesie and I had to show this to my two awesome aunts – Ninang Diana (ninang is godmother in filipino, sometimes I call her Tita Diana – Tita is Aunt in filipino) and Auntie Melissa. I love them so much.

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