Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, Mr. Brown, all my Bosita and Victoriano cousins especially Dennis the Menace, the Dentist, BC, E, Johnny Schu, Tucson Tim, Sean M, Mark S, Dave K, Plates, Matt K, Matt S, Brent T, Tim B, Greg B, Bob Cola, Chris F, Matt H, Chris H, Jeremy H, Brian L and of course…my man…the Bizzle Bot. I apologize if I forgot anyone but please know that I am sending the warmest wishes to you!  

Whether this is you or your family’s first, second or 30th+ Father’s Day, I congratulate you on being a wonderful father to your chickadees. Every child needs a strong father figure in their life and your children are blessed to have you as theirs. There are a few guys not on the list as they will not be officially celebrating their first Father’s Day until 2013, you know who you are, so enjoy this exciting but anxious period in your life not yet dominated by diapers, feedings or lack of sleep! (I highly encourage a baby moon!).

For Bizzle’s 1st Father’s Day, we went to watch the Indians get rocked by the Pittsburgh Pirates, 9-5.  When I tried to purchase tickets online on Friday, it was near impossible to get 2 seats next to each other so I shamelessly yelled with my fist in the air ‘take that Chris Perez!’. We met up with one of our faves, the Clarkies and the Prog (what is it called these day? I still call it The Jake sometimes) was packed. It’s a treat for Cle that we had a home game and especially Interleague play, which was a pretty clever idea that Commissioner Selig contributed to America’s past time.

Anyway, too bad the Indians couldn’t pull one out for the Cleveland Dads. At least the rain held up til the very end which cooled the air down a bit from the 85% swamp butt humidity. Hopefully the Thunder can beat the Heat tonight! That would be a very nice Father’s Day present now wouldn’t it?



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