Class of 2030 & 2034, link to “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”

Some of you may be heading back to your alma mater this summer to celebrate your 10 year class reunion. While driving back to your stomping grounds or reciting old toasts with roommates over $1.50 beers, the question, ‘has it already been 10 years?’ is sure to cross your mind. We may look a little different a decade later after receiving our diploma, perhaps some extra pounds here or there, probably much older and wiser, and hopefully on the right path after a career change..or 2 or 3…or more.

And if you are still paying back college loans or curious how much a college education is going to cost for the next generation, brace yourselves because I hate to ruin your day. published an article calculating an estimate of how much a bachelor’s degree is going to cost in 18 years.

  Projected Tuition Costs Fall 2029- Spring 2030*
School type 5 % increases 6 % increases 7 % increases
4-year public (out of state) $71,373 $84,651 $100,239
4-year private (non-profit) $92,869 $110,146 $130,428
4-year public in-state $41,228 $48,898 $57,609
Source: Campus Consultants Inc
* Includes room and board

With our baby only 4 months old, do we really need to think about college already? Baby C can’t even walk or talk yet.

Recently, Baby C got together with her future fellow classmates and here are some pre-yearbook photo shots.

Class of 2030 (and proud mama’s)

One, two, three say cheese! Ok, one more try.

Too cute for words. Are they really going to grow up some day? Stay little forever please.

Lastly, the buzz this week is an article titled, ‘Why Women Still Can’t Have It All‘ by Anne-Marie Slaughter, a former dean at Princeton and senior level director in DC. The article has generated a million hits in less than a week and it was passed along to me my friend, MM.  I’ve read through it once and I need to take the time to read it again because it’s quite lengthy (a good thing because she has a lot to say) and thought-provoking. For me, it’s the first time that someone has stated that women can’t have it all. Throughout my career, I have attended leadership conferences and women’s organization events focused on empowering women by building networks, finding inspiration through motivational speakers, and Q&A sessions to ask for advice on a variety topics, including the million dollar question, ‘how do i achieve work-life balance?’. I’ve observed that the last topic is one that many are most interested in receiving advice because this is where they struggle the most, independent of their profession, martial status or phase in their career.  And what’s interesting is that no matter the event, speaker or audience, that question is always asked. And I’ve never really heard a memorable, or at least truly applicable response. Our generation has advanced phenomenally with the technological tools at our fingers and more women are pursuing higher education, so why does this question continue to be asked over and over again? Does this indicate that there truly is a problem with the path that women have to climb in order to get to the top, or forget about the top, how about just keeping our head above water? Is this article going to start the momentum or serve as the tipping point for paramount change in how women realistically can have a career, be a great mom and take care of oneself (i.e., be attractive and in shape).Because a friend told me you can only be 2 of 3, not all 3). It’s sure to create debate about whether women can really succeed in their professional and personal life. Any thoughts?

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