Hot as ping pong balls!

Record breaking temperatures this week! Ugh, so gross to go outside. I went out Saturday night in jeans and they were sticking to my legs. Not a good idea. Thank goodness it cooled off a bit today eh? Lots of good stuff to write about…
Farewell to the Websters
This was a posting long overdue…Our friends, JWebb and Roomy moved to Boulder, Colorado earlier this year. Perhaps I have only just recently accepted the fact that they have moved from the 216 and aren’t coming back, at least not before LeBron comes back to play with the Cavs. 😉 Roomy was my roommate for 2 years in the ‘Hills before I was a Mrs., before there was Campbell and long before the obsession that is Pinterest. Rooms was the best roommate anyone could ask for and we would’ve happily let her stay in our home after the wedding as long as she wanted! But then she may have not met her Mister, JWebb so I guess it all worked out because he’s a really good guy.
So to send her off, a few of us girlies got together for dinner at Paladar over on the east side. I could only stay for a drink because it was the same day as my wedding anniversary and I was scheduled to celebrate 2 years of marriage with Bizzle but I had enough laughs and stories equivalent to 10 drinks in the short time I was there. It was a very bittersweet goodbye for me.

Front: K Sassy, Me
Back: CC, EC, Rooms, Agent Alison

Dear Rooms,
If there was a contest for ‘best roommate EVER’, you would win hands down. Even though its only been a few weeks since you moved to Colorado, we miss you heaps and heaps. Here are my Top 5 Roomy memories:
5) Making you watch Whale Wars
4) Friday happy hours at Chophouse
3) Spending hours together looking online for a puppy, even though we never got one
2) Introducing me to yoga (thank you!!)
1.5) Best 3 team person halloween costume ever!?
1) No judging conversations and good advice
Have fun in non-Cleveland but please make it only temporary and move back to Cleveland ASAP!
Sending daily love from Cleveland,

Come on knock on our door…
Rooms move to CO was more tragic than when Suzanne Somers quit Three’s Company. Neither were never the same.

Paladar Review
Paladar ( is a Latin American restaurant at Eaton Chagrin. It offers an upscale lunch or dining experience and it’s location is prime time for folks to grab a drink or bite after shopping at stores exclusively at Eaton like Lulu Lemon, Sur la Table, Free People or only 1 of 2 in Cleveland greater area such as Anthropologie and Trader Joe’s. I find it interesting that this is one of 4 Paladar locations  (2 are in Maryland, 1 in Florida). Foodwise, love the chips (not your typical nachos, different but sooo yummy) and guacamole. Definitely get the pork soft tacos but probably want to pass on the fish tacos. Only real complaint is that parking is a nightmare! But that’s because Eaton is always full of people looking for the latest and greatest. 😉
Must Eats
If you’re looking for some good food to try…
– Bacon wrapped dates at Farheinheit
– Mushroonm and goat cheese beignets at Spice (Bizzle’s recommendation)
– Deep fried brussel sprouts at Lolita
and…my newest favoritest dish for the long haul…
Col Buco with slow roasted pork shoulder, tomato and white wine at Chinato – A.MAAAH.ZING.
And the Taste of Tremontis this coming weekend.
Baby news
Welcome to the world Baby Reagan Schumacher! We know Sydney is going to be an awesome big sister!
Thompson Twins
My oldest friend, not by age but longevity, Rach is expecting  by the end of the summer. The Thompsons already have 2 adorable girls and come August, they will be doubling their brood. Can you imagine twinkies? Wow. To celebrate the future Thompson Twins, her family threw a beautiful baby shower for Rach and I got a great baby shower gift idea from, what else, Pinterest! I cannot wait to hold them and since we don’t know if they are boys, girls or 1 of each, I’m going to guess…umm…1 boy and 1 girl.

Arranged diapers and walah, wrap some ribbon around it and walah! it looks like a basinette. Got this baby shower gift idea from pinterest!

Had to do one pink and one boy because it’s going to be a surprise! Any guesses?

The Newsroom
Gotta go take a walk with Baby C so I will be quick. You must watch this show! I get giddy on Sunday’s now because I get my fill of The Newsroom. I think it’s this summer’s Homeland. WATCH IT! If you don’t have HBO, they are showing it for free – here’s the link. If you don’t, you’re missing out, your loss, just watch it! Episode 1
Have a great week everyone!
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1 Response to Hot as ping pong balls!

  1. ahutchweb says:

    Dear Roomy,
    We really did have a fun time living together, didn’t we?!! Makes me kinda sad reading this post… Hard to pin point which part about being your Rooms that I miss the most other than you, of course—I can definitely tell you that it is not Whale Wars…ha!
    Sending hugs to you, Tye and Campbell!
    Miss you to pieces!

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