Cleaning House

This week is off to a miserable start. The big things have been moved to Ann Arbor. So long couch, so long bed and very soon, so long Seven Hills. We are in the midst of packing, moving and purging our house; the last activity being the worst as we are forcing ourselves to go thru untouched drawers of shit that we conveniently put aside in drawers, bottom cabinets or corners of the closet (over a course of 6years!) so we didn’t have to decide whether to keep it, use it or throw away. Like those purple longstem candles on the glass candlestick holders we neverused – finally found its way into the trash. Or the old mail which held a magnetic force on me because I couldn’t seem to throw them away, like 401k statements, my Certified Information Systems Auditor certificate, ugh! We definitely aren’t Hoarders nominees but there’s just a lot of stuff to go through.

To the relief of my sister, husband and friends, you will all be glad to know I did donate a TON, almost literally I swear, of my beloved and famous sweaters. I had more sweaters than Bill Coaby wore during his decade+ run on The Cosby Show. Now some lucky son of a gun will have the luxury of finding warmth and comfort in my wool, cozy, I gently warn but mug loved sweaters.

But mt favorite moment thus far was finding pictures of my husband from college sitting on a bed. When I asked him where that picture was taken, he quickly replied his room.

“Oh really?”, I casually asked. “You had a pink comforter with flowers?” and to my delight he grumbled that he didn’t look at the picture close enough and said the picture was probably taken at a friend’s house. Uh huh, riiight.

Ok back to work. Here is a pic of Tye posing with Bizzle the Red Squirrel (and my Magnificat Volleyball tshirt…what clothes of his haven’t been packed and moved to Ann Arbor are somewhere in our townhome or somewhere in one of the millions of boxes at my parent’s house). They will be found before he leaves for Morocco on Saturday!


And just to brighten the day, here’s a recent pic of Lil C.C.


And since it’s Olympics season, let’s just throw another one of Camp in here.
Go USA!!


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1 Response to Cleaning House

  1. kstantonlee says:

    Brown Town! Are you moving to Ann Arbor? My ILs live there. We visit a couple times a year and could not love a college town more. I know you will really dig it. It’s especially environmentally aware. Can’t think of a more perfect place for you all!

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