Indians Break 10 Game Losing Streak Because…

The Indians have FINALLY halted their 10 game losing streak. Could it be because we broke out THIS outfit (psst it’s an Indians jersey)? I mean, everyone else has given up in the Indians so perhaps this little C- town babe was their lucky charm?


Campy is destined to be a diehard Cleveland sports fan but she’s also a huge supporter of the Olympics…


Our Next Chapter
Ahhh, changes, changes. We are full-steam ahead moving into the next chapter of our life. Since a couple people have asked who is moving when and where, here’s the deets. Bizzle will be pursuing his MBA at the University of Michigan. He has quit his job to attend grad school full-time. To kick things off, Bizzle is leaving this Saturday for an optional school trip called M-Trek, which pairs him with ten other MBA classmates to travel together and visit a foreign country. Students are given a list of 30 some countries and asked to rank their top 5 which they are then matched with, kinda like You like them, they like you and walah, you’re on a date. Bizzle will be traveling to Morocco for 10 days. (I cant wait to see him in a turban, which he has been advised to buy over there to keep him cool and provide face protection during sandstorms!!). When he comes back, hopefully he will return with a tan not a burn, a more culturally rich repertoire, and perhaps most impressive – with bragging rights of riding a camel in the Sahara desert. Scary or fun, I can’t decide.

Anywho, I am moving in with my parents. A little more south from Cleveland but still driveable in half hour or so. Camp will be with me and Bizzle is taking our dog, Poppy Stirfry, up to AA to keep an eye on him. 😉

So carpet has being cleaned today and everything else in the house has been cleaned as well, including the can of Diet Dr. Pepper that exploded three weeks ago. Wow, I really should’ve cleaned it three weeks ago, or two, or at least a week ago instead of denying its existence. I pretty much avoided opening the freezer so I didn’t have to look at it; hence the frozen chicken, Ohio City spinach ravioli and Stouffer’s lasagna (mmmm yummy!) that we intended to make meals out of…but just didn’t because I was a lazy p.o.s.

As Bizzle is packing and preparing for Morocco-palooza, the following quotes have been overheard…

‘Hi I am going to the Sahara desert in a week, do you have any clothes that are lightweight and would be good for traveling? ‘…I heard this from Bizzle calling Appalachian Outfitters. Who gets to make a phonecall call and begin a question like that??

‘Tye, you only have to do two things while you’re over in Morocco. One, grow a beard…’. The second request from Bizzle’s friend and rest of the conversation doesn’t matter. Bizzle is going to grow a beard? I thought that was in the past, like 2008, when we just started dating and I was too polite to share my unfondness. I don’t like it.

Alrighty friends, thank goodness the sun decided to hide out today. Talk soon!

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