Please, thank you and “YOU’RE WELCOME”

When did Customer Service get thrown out the window? Does generation Y not know the phrase ‘you’re welcome’? What happened to service with a smile?

Just venting a little. I have gone shopping the last couple of days for baby showers, birthday gifts and work clothes (the last being my least favorite – yikes!) so I have had plenty of opportunity to peruse many stores – department stores, boutiques and restaurants. Its my observation that common courtesy is not the norm!!!

At two separate stores today when I checked out, I said ‘thanks’ to the person ringing me up. I stood there for an extra second waiting for the appropriate response, you’re welcome. Nothing. Awkwardness. At one store, the employee asked me for the security code on my cc. I provided it and then showed her my card. She then proceeded to say, “That’s not what you said. You said…”. Really? And then as I was grabbing my bags, I said ‘thank you’ to her, maybe because I am just used to saying it. No response… Crickets! I even said it again and got nada. Two thank you’s! Big big sigh.

There is a certain ice cream drive thu that I won’t go to because the teenager at the drive thru drives me crazy. The only words that come out of her mouth is the amount I owe, with such detachment I always wonder if she has just quit and it’s her last day of work. When I ask for napkins, they are handed to me like it was such a chore.

Why are we so indifferent when it comes to being mindful of our body language, tone of our voice, putting a smile on our face, etc? Is face-to-face social interaction proving to be awkward or annoying because social media has desensitized us?

When the store employees are friendly and helpful, I am more than happy to give them my business! I always make a point to thank them for being so helpful.

Is social media a culprit in how we treat others at a personal level? Maybe we need to reduce our addiction to our mobile phones and facebook, twitter, because that isn’t helping anyone with our communication and social skills!!! Yes i notice the irony in my last statement because you are reading my blog. Just saying…

Does anyone else notice this?

C is pondering how social media is affecting today’s customer service, or lack thereof

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1 Response to Please, thank you and “YOU’RE WELCOME”

  1. susan says:

    Yes and it drives me batty! I actually got in a fight with my friend tonight about it. When I tell people that no one bothers to say “thank you” and “please” they reply that “people are idiots.” I’m talking about them and they still don’t get it!

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