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Being a Housewife for the Day, why I Like 4 Day Weekends

My work gives employees a 4 day weekend for Memorial Day. Score. That’s 96 hours of freedom and gives me a little taste of being a real housewife. For example… I slept in on Friday and felt no guilt. Then … Continue reading

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Chicago babies visit Cle

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Two weekends in a row, Bizzle and I got to play ‘lets pretend’. Our Chicago friends and relatives brought their babies to Cleveland for a visit so we got a glimpse of the day and life of ‘people that raise children’, … Continue reading

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M.Strohsie Birthday!

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If there was ever a business for writing delayed blogs, I’d win first prize. 🙂 So let’s take a step back and appreciate the boost we injected into Cleveland’s economy that weekend. A bunch of Blue Streaks (Strohsie, AngC, Me, … Continue reading

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Weekend Wrap-up – Rooms birthday @ Dante, Friday 03.25.11

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Friday was Celebrate Roomy’s Birthday at Dante in Tremont! Best Line of the Night – “its when something is, (pause), unattractive” This is how the BLN came to fruition…. Service – We were greeted warmly upon arrival and Dante himself … Continue reading

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Weekend Wrap-up (02.06.11 – part tres) – Steelers lose, RG’s Bday

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‘Superbowl/RG’s birthday/An end to a really long, but fun weekend’ was celebrated at Barley House in W.6th. We all know how the game ended (yay Packs!) and now I’m a fan of Aaron Rodgers. Come on, admit it, you are … Continue reading

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Weekend Wrap-up (02.05.11 – part deux and a half) – guest blog by Bizzle on 750 ml

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750 ml The AKORN beckoned again so we met NYC friends in town for the weekend. We met at a newer wine bar, 750 ml. This might be one of my favorite new  places!! Upon arrival, I felt like I walked … Continue reading

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Weekend Wrap-up (02.04.11 part 1) – Rosebud’s baby shower

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Hello fellow Clevelanders! No wasting time because I’ve gots to pack for Colorado so let’s just dive right into it. Gosh, that original message above is from a week ago. I started this post last week before I went to … Continue reading

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Weekend Wrap-up – Poppy Stirfry, Deagan’s Kitchen and Bar Review, Evie Lou Boutique

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Goodbye January and Hello February! It is fa-fa-fareeezing so make sure you are bundling up and taking your vitamin C!  Before I continue with this post, first off I have to confess that damn, this blogging shite is really hard! … Continue reading

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Weekend wrap-up – Jets win, Golden Globes, Rose Angel review

Sports Jets 28, Pats 21 Can’t believe the Jets won. I only got to watch this game on Sunday and I’ve got to give it to Mark Sanchez (3TD’s, 0 interceptions) and the Jets special teams. The latter successfully recovered … Continue reading

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